Mediaportal epg not updating

This allows you to use data that is intended for another timezone without any hassles.Daylight savings changes should be handled automatically.Make sure this is not ticked if you do not have a as it can cause imports of the file to fail.When option is ticked, import of the xml:s happen whenever a newer version of the xml files is ready for import, or a new file is detected.The plugin will check this folder every minute to see if the file contained in it has changed since the last check. This option should be ticked if you only have one file that you wish to import.

The fields will be empty if a has never been imported to the current TV Server installation.A file is a text file that contains a list of tvguide xml files to import (one filename per line).This would be used where you are using more than one XMLTV grabber or need to import several different xml files.You simply configure it and watch program information populate in the guide.The TV server will automatically import the data when the file is updated, however you can also force an import and verify the results using the Note: Media Portal provides a suitable file for you in the default XMLTV folder.It should not be necessary to use these fields unless your does not contain timezone information..

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