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new • universal • rules-lite • long • live-action • online • supplement • preview • wotc-d20 • world • genre • open-license • horror • modern • scifi • fantasy • traditional • postapocalyptic • superhero • Index A very simple generic fantasy RPG.

There are two levels of skills, basic and advanced, with their own effects.

Character creation is by picking a Look, one of four styles (called "Calibers"), and a choice of gun. A baroque fantasy game in a world of unusual supernatural creatures. A diceless RPG which uses a 7-step scale for rating attributes and skills.

Character creation involves extensive descriptions and physical traits to describe a unique creature, plus three attributes (random-roll, 2d6) and a set of skills (freeform). Action resolution is by comparing the sum of relevant traits and the difficulty, though there is an optional random factor using cards. The "Fast-Play" version of the (out-of-print) commercial sci-fi RPG rules. Warships Sourcebook 112 pages (PDF) The preview version of a fantasy RPG set on an original fantasy world -- the continent Algerian on the planet of Azorath, inhabited by humans, elves, dwarves, and gnomes.

It uses a simple system with a general dice pool (starting at 2 dice) to split among all actions, resolving stat dice vs difficulty. A storytelling game with a Director and set of player, that uses a single stat ("Awesome! A player takes a turn narrating, and the other players vote thumbs up or down.

If the result is mixed, the player rolls 1d20 for their new Awesome score.

A game set in 3050 where Earth, Venus, and Mars are under tyrranical rule by the Syndicate (including the non-human vampiri and Venusian elves), using a very simple dice pool system similar to Shadowrun.

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