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But we can avoid the most common ways that we end up complicating things needlessly and fighting our own progress.If we follow some simple rules, then we end up making dating easier… under the assumption that this is going to be the last time you ever have to do this is going to drive you mad in short order.It’s akin to buying a single lottery quick-pick and expecting to hit the Mega-Millions jackpot; it happens, but the odds against it are so astronomical that I don’t think they make numbers large enough to actually express the concept. The savvy dater knows this, because it makes dating easier in the long run.Remembering that dating is a numbers game helps you be outcome independent – you go into each interaction with the attitude of “well, let’s see what happens” rather than “this person may be THE ONE”.We all wish that there were some way to make dating easier.More often than not, though, it can be a long, painful exercise in disappointment.Problems in your everyday life will be reflected in your dating life and issues in your dating life will affect your day to day existence, setting up a self-perpetuating loop of frustration.It doesn’t do any good to try to make dating simpler if all we do is end up shredding our souls in the process.

But people respond to your attitude, and a bitter, resentful outlook on life is going to push even the most determined of individuals away. I mean, sure, you’re here because you’re trying to date better… Stand up, walk into the next room, then turn around and walk back. except The point of this exercise is that it’s possible to end up getting in your own way, and people who don’t keep things in perspective tend to do just that.Dating is about 10% looks, 20% skill and 70% attitude.Your attitude is, hands down, the biggest indicator of whether or not you’ll succeed in dating.No matter how skilled you are of a Casanova, how good looking you are or how whatever-you-might-be, you’re not going to be everybody’s cup of tea.There will people who you simply aren’t compatible with or who aren’t going to like you no matter what you do.Here’s a secret though: the guys who can handle rejection with grace?

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