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He is about my age and confessed he was approaching the scene in the same happy-go-lucky way he did when he was single in college, but was so put off by how “damaged by life” and “angry at men” women our age are that he decided to take a break from dating. And I see no reason why I should put up with selfish and aggressive behavior from a man.

I walked away wondering to what extent I may also be haunted by the ghost of my marriage, and how to hold onto the lessons of my past without projecting the last guy onto the next guy. Clearly a lot of other women feel the same way, and our confidence has given rise to the #metoo movement.

Please write me with your musings and experiences with sexuality and relationships, and your permission to share them.

This is not an advice column, but a reflection on this tricky and oh-so-exciting subject- sex!

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I might have postponed internet dating and tried to meet a man just out and about, but it is next to impossible to catch someone’s eye across the room when everyone is on their stupid smartphones. Swiping is strangely exhilarating; I can see why people do it over a billion times a day. Perhaps you like each other, but a few texts later one of you might just disappear – poof! I admit I’m not putting a lot of time into this, and I’ve only been on one Tinder date so far. My hunt for the whole package— a partner who is both a manly man and a feminist— continues.

I had never tried online dating, and found myself going down a rabbit hole of questions. The guy seemed interesting; professor, world traveler, kinda cute if a little dorky, but when we met he was so totally up in his head I could not see how anything could ever happen between us. For my next column I am going to have a talk with a great guy who is uniquely qualified to discuss the topic of masculinity, sex, and what women want. Want to dive deep into the local sex scene with me?

If you find it a little difficult to talk about yourself, then make a list. List out your favorites, whether that’s hobbies, food, music …. But writing out some of your favorite stuff lets you see what to put on your profile.

Just make sure to include some facts about yourself, not just things you like.

Add some details to really let your personality shine through.

I have wondered how to begin this conversation for some time because I think, in this age of hyper connectivity, it’s important to look at the little picture.

We might know what’s trending on Twitter, or what the latest internet memes are, but how do those ideas resonate with our way of living in this particular place on the map?

Had the weather improved, I may have emerged from hibernation sooner, but every day the snow kept falling and my libido cowered under the bed. Furthermore I think Kim Kardashian needs to drop everything and do an internet dating selfie seminar immediately.

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