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1 Colors 2 Sassy Thang 3 Bad Girl 4 Don’t Say 5 No Regrets 6 How We Swing Featuring Skitz 7 Best Friends Featuring Zoë 8 Who’s The Man 9 Showing Love 10 Why You Do 11 Ex-Girlfriend 12 Foolio 13 Through The Week 14 Bad Girl - Remix Featuring Bigz 15 No Regrets - Dance Remix 16 Don’t Say - Slow Jam Remix 17 No Regrets - Remix Featuring Ish Nicole hails from a Jamaican, Native Aboriginal Canadian, Scottish and East Indian background.Mana Mana Allen Mana Ashida Mana Ayukawa Mana Hayashi Mana Iwabuchi Mana Iwabuchi: Aya MIyama Mana Kodama Mana Nakajima Mana Ngaau Mana Oguchi Mana Otai Mana Rosa Mana Sakura Mana Shinozaki Mana Silva Mana Taotala Mana Taripo Manaa Almukhaini Manaafidh Manaaki Selby-Rickit Manab Mohanty Manabu Hatakeyama Manabu Inoue Manabu Mima Manabu Ohtake Manabu Saito Manabu Saitu Manabu Takita Manabu Tamura Manabu Yamaguchi Manabu Yamashita Manaf Aboshgair Manaf Alsaeed Managaliso Mosehle Manager Manager Andre Villa Boas Manager Charlie Pierce Manager Dick Advocaat Manager Dusty Baker Manager Eric Wedge Manager Gustavo Manager John Farrell Manager Jose Morinho Manager Louis van Gaal Manager Nigel Pearson Manager of Brighton and Hove Albion Manager of Manchester City Manager of Norwich City Chris Houghton Manager of West Ham United Manager Tony La Russa Manageress Manahati Lestusen Manahati Lestusen Lestusen Manahera Eden Manahi Paewai Manaia Cherrington Manaia Osborne Manaia Rudolf Manaia Rudolph Manaia Salave'a Manaia Taotala Manaja Hill Manaka Kubota Manal Al Bayat Manal al-Sharif Manal Attaya Manal Elattir Manal Gardenia Manal Hussain Manal Issa Manal Kahi Manal Khader Manal Shaheen Manami Doi Manami Fujioka Manami Fujita Manami Hino Manami Iijima Manami Iwade Manami Kira Manami Konishi Manami Kuga Manami Meguro Manami Mitsuboshi Manami Nakano Manami Nishinoiri Manami Oguma Manan Sharma Manapine Manar Kinoshita Manar Shath Manark Manasa Mataele Manasa Saulo Manasah Sita Manase Foa'i Manase Hungalu Manase Manoukafoa Manase Manuokafoa Manase Manuokafua Manase Nonu Manase Tonga Manasi Moghe Manasseh Garner Manasvi Gosalia Manatee Manato Sasaki Manatsanan Chaiteerapattarapong Manault Deva Manav Shah Manavjit Sandh Manavjit Singh Sandhu Manawanui Manay Shah Manballandall Manca Notar Manca Pislak Manca Sepetavc Manchester City Fan Manchester City Fans Manchester City Fc Manchester Gay Village during Manchester United Manchester United Fans Manchester Velopark Manchia Diawara Manchildblack Mancienne Mancini Mancini F.Mancow Mancuello Manda Mosher Manda Popovic Manda Wheeler Manda Wilhite Mandakhnaran Ganzorig Mandala Tayde Mandalay Bay Mandalynn Carlson Mandana Da Mandana Daub Mandana Dayani Mandana Mokri Mandar Apte Mandar Divase Mandawuy Yunupingu Mande Mandee Rowley Mandeep Dhillon Mandeep Jangara Mandeep Jangra Mandeep Kaur Mandeep Sarna Mandeep Singh Mandela Egbo Mandela Lawrence-Burke Mandela Van Peebles Mandelit del Barco Mandell Maughan Mandell Thomas Mandell Winter Mandeville Mandheep Dillon Mandi Mandi Bierly Mandi Davis Mandi Gosling Mandi Incorvaia Mandi Lane Mandi Lennard Mandi Line Mandi Macias Mandi Martyr Mandi Metzger Mandi Moss Mandi Norwood Mandi Rafaty Mandiangan Matius Mandie Erickson Mandie Fletcher Mandie Taketa Mandii Pope Mandinga Mandip Gill Mandip Sehmi Mandira Bedi Mandiri Bedi Mandisa Mandisa Williams Mandisi Dyantyis Mandissa Mandla Mandla Kadjay Carl Stevland Morris Mandla Mandela Mandla Masango Mandla Mazibuko Mandla Morris Mandna Dayani Mando Cardona Mando Diao Mando Fresco Mando Fresko Mando Galindo Mando Najera Mando Saenz Mandour MAndrea Dovizioso Mandresy Rakotomalala MAndrew Blades Mandy Mandy Aguirre Mandy Alex Mandy Alex and Arquette Cooke Mandy Alex and Remy Rippon Mandy Alonso Mandy Amano Mandy Antoniacci Mandy Aragones Mandy Aubry Mandy Barker Mandy Barnett Mandy Baylett Mandy Berwanger Mandy Blancas Mandy Borg Mandy Bork Mandy Boyd Mandy Boylett Mandy Bruno Mandy Bujold Mandy Burlington Mandy Burlinson Mandy Capisto Mandy Caprisco Mandy Capristo Mandy Carnie Mandy Carpristo Mandy Cheetham Mandy Clark Mandy Coon Mandy Cornett Mandy Cornett Teefey Mandy Cunningham Mandy Davies Mandy Dawn Teefey Mandy Dirkzwager Mandy Dunn Mandy Einstein Mandy Emmett Mandy Enerson Mandy Fabian Mandy Foley-Quin Mandy Foster Mandy Francois-Elie Mandy Franxois Elie Mandy Frauenberger Mandy Fry Mandy Gawley Mandy Ginsberg Mandy Gomez Mandy Gonzales Mandy Gonzalez Mandy Gore Mandy Grace Capristo Mandy Graff Mandy Greenfield Mandy Groot Mandy Haas Mandy Haase Mandy Hackett Mandy Harkho Mandy Hays Mandy Heintz Mandy Hendon Mandy Ingber Mandy Islacker Mandy Jacobsen Mandy Jacobson Mandy Jiroux Mandy Karimlo Mandy Karimloo Mandy Kimsey Mandy Laddish Mandy Law Mandy Lee Mandy Lee Duffy Mandy Leel Mandy Lieu Mandy Line Mandy Loots Mandy Lynn Mandy Lyons Mandy Marchak Mandy Marquardt Mandy May Cheetham Mandy Mayhall Mandy Mc Cormack Mandy Mc Diarmid Mandy Mc Elhinney Mandy Mehigan Mandy Minella Mandy Moody Mandy Moon Mandy Moore Mandy Moore (choreographer) Mandy Moseley Mandy Mulder Mandy Munro Mandy Musgrave Mandy Nightingale Mandy Olsen Mandy Pantinkin Mandy Patankin Mandy Patikin Mandy Patinkin Mandy Pitkin Mandy Pletcher Mandy Pongratz Mandy Prater Mandy Quattlebaum Mandy Quinton Mandy Rabinowitz Mandy Rain Mandy Richards Mandy Roberts Mandy Rosenschon Mandy Salva Mandy Schendel Mandy Shadforth Mandy Shadworth Mandy Siegfried Mandy Snedeker Mandy Sneder Mandy Stadtmiller Mandy Steckelberg Mandy Stein Mandy Tagger Mandy Tang Mandy Teefey Mandy Thandi Mandy Thomas Mandy va Mandy Van de Berg Mandy Van Den Berg Mandy Walker Mandy Ward Mandy White Mandy Zoellner Mandy Aguirre Brian Meece Mane Mane Biram Diouf Mane de la Parra Mane Diouf Mane Jimenez Maneepong Jongjit Maneesh Goyal Maneesh Sasikuman Maneesh Sharma Maneet Ahuja Maneet Chauhan Manei Hamoudi Manei Mohamed Manel Adel Manel Adell Manel Estiarte Manel Exposito Manel Fuentes Manel Jadraque Manel Kamilia Hadj Said Manel Kouki Manel Navarro Manel Pucciarelli Manel Ruiz Manel Terraza Manele Bay Manelle Driss Manelly Zepeda Manese Mauokafoa Manesh Kumar Mohan Maneskin Manex Azula Manfible Pant Manfred Ainedter Manfred Auer Manfred Baasner Manfred Bacher Manfred Banach Manfred Baumann Manfred Berger Manfred Binz Manfred Bischoff Manfred Bobke-von Camen Manfred Bockelmann Manfred Bolliger Manfred Boschatzke Manfred Braun Manfred Brisken Manfred Deister Manfred Ender Manfred Erlacher Manfred Faget Manfred Fitzgerald Manfred Gattringer Manfred Gentz Manfred Gloger Manfred Goetzel Manfred Goetzl Manfred Grothe Manfred Guelsenkamp Manfred Haferburg Manfred Hart Manfred Heiting Manfred Hofmann Manfred Hofmeyer Manfred J.Nicole Holness (born April 13, 1983 in Toronto, Ontario) is a TV host and R&B singer.In 2006, Nicole was chosen as one of the original seven co-hosts of MTV Canada and their flagship series MTV Live.The first score was taken during the direction of Former birth, but Josephus' spam would have come off.

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