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The Cana Institute Cana Institute guides couples toward vibrant marriages by helping them understand the dynamics between the spiritual and problem-solving components of marriage.Contact: Bridget Brennan, MA, MA, President and Jerome Shen, Ph D at 314-313-0613 or [email protected] Couple Checkup Catholic Couple Checkup is an online relationship assessment (powered by PREPARE/ENRICH) that couples can take without the help of a facilitator or counselor. The organizations listed below are dedicated to creating time and space for marriages to grow, and for helping parents raise their children well. The Church provides many opportunities for spouses to deepen and refine their love for each other.Through an exploration of Scripture, Tradition, and Church teaching, God’s plan for your marriage will come alive.You’ll see firsthand the wonder, mystery, and joy behind that first “I do”—whether you said it last year or many years ago.

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Contact: 865-690-5887 or [email protected] Alexander House: Covenant of Love Ministry The internationally recognized Covenant of Love ministry programs can help to build a thriving parish community by building and supporting strong, joyful, and lasting marriages focused on God’s plan for marriage.Utilizing a therapeutic model for change, this curriculum systematically walks a couple through skills and knowledge for changing unhealthy patterns in their relationship, as well as connecting the information to elements from St. Helping couple to divorce proof their marriage, couples learn 7 steps to strengthening their marriage and to ultimately build a Eucharistic Marriage.The DODD program engages couples through the use of Q&A, Scripture and Catechism readings, activities, as well as homework in each session.Couples come for a short 30-minute date launch; tear out the duplicate dating exercises in their book, and head out for their date. Do this 10 times and you will be the hero to the couples in your parish.Contact: 865-690-5887 or [email protected] Great Dates: Connecting Faith, Love & Marriage At last, a fun, easy way to help couples connect spiritually that they both will enjoy!To the best of our knowledge, the information listed here did not conflict with Catholic teaching and was accurate at the time of posting. This award-winning, easy-to-do, fun, broad, bible- and skill-based marriage education program disguised as 10 fun dates is now updated complete with a new expanded edition of the book with the latest research and input from millennium couples.

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