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Either use it to write, or just copy-paste what you’ve written into Hemingway App.

It’ll analyze the text and suggest improvements, like shortening complex sentences, removing adverbs, using active voice, and so on.

Head to the site and go tab-by-tab to fill out relevant information and save it.

The site will prompt you to fill a cover letter, personal details, a summary of the job, your work experience, projects you’ve handled, your education, and your skills.

Daily to-do lists are generally of two types: a recurring list of repetitive tasks, and a new “today’s agenda” list. Go to the site, and in the provided box, just write the different tasks you want to accomplish every day.

Daily Todo will turn it into a list with a whole week’s calendar for it.

Apply the suggestions and your unpolished text will sound like it was written by a pro!

Just copy-paste it again to save or send it where you want.

If you want a truly anonymous poll that anyone can participate in, create a quick one with

In fact, I’d go so far as to suggest making it your homepage or a productive new tab page Not everyone is proficient at creating a stylish, well-formatted resume with all the essential elements of information.

So the folks at I Need A Resume have simplified it with a web app to build a resume for free.

You can edit the list at any time to remove or add more items.

Plus, it also doubles up as a Jerry Seinfeld-esque Don’t Break The Chain productivity app.

Finally, you can finish up by adjusting the look of the resume, which you can preview before downloading a PDF for free.

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