Odds of dating a millionaire


Well, one reason, of course, is that she doesn’t know about the last part of the sentence that you’ve just read.Another is that, despite her not revealing her wealth in her dating profile, I figured having looked at the quality of her clothes in her photos that I should up my game a bit beyond a happy-hour bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in Soho.Coming from Russia and fleeing with her family after the fall of the Soviet Union, Anna worked her way up from her first job in the UK as a call-centre worker into a tech entrepreneur, who lives a life of constructing multinational business deals alongside managing a property portfolio stretching from Cape Town to Canada.She does all this while having a social milieu that runs from outings with her personal shopper in Mayfair to first-class flights to New York for holidays with her friends.She’s been asked to be a dragon on Dragon’s Den; I’ve been asked to go on BBC Radio Scotland to talk about crisps.We both said ‘no’ to those last respective offers, by the way.

So, why is Anna interested in a man who grew up on the Wirral, buys books from charity shops and saves money by purchasing lunchtime meal deals?Anna, at the age of 41, had never seen one before her first picnic with me last week.The look on her face as she examined it suggested an inner feeling that a long and sustained run of good fortune in her life had just come to a sad and very sudden end.What I’ve realised through dating such a rich woman is that the most impressive thing in another person isn’t money at all, it’s success.And these two things don’t necessarily go hand in silk-gloved hand with each other. Call me impatient, but just having ambition or potential at the age of 40 isn’t enough. And by this I don’t mean having coined your first million; I mean you should be certain of what you want in life, and be well on the way to getting it.But very little of that steel seems to transfer over to her personal life.

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