The law does not oblige the employer to give separation pay if the initiative to terminate employment comes from employee himself. 140812, August 28, 2001, the Court ordered the payment of separation pay despite holding that the employee voluntarily resign from service, and although such payment was not mandated under the CBA or employment contract. In both of the above cases, the employer agreed to give separation pay to the employee as an incident of the latter’s resignation, but later on renege in the performance of such commitment.However, by way of exceptions, there are at least two instances where an employee who voluntarily resign is entitled to receive separation pay, as follows: “It is well to note that there is no provision in the Labor Code which grants separation pay to voluntarily resigning employees. The Court held that such practice should not be countenanced.Thus, in case of retrenchment to prevent losses where the employee is forced to depart from the company due to no fault on his part, separation pay is required by law to be paid to the dismissed employee.The case is totally different in case of voluntary resignation where severance of employment is due to employee’s own initiative.Separation pay may be awarded only in cases when the termination of employment is due to: (a) installation of labor saving devices, (b) redundancy, (c) retrenchment, (d) closing or cessation of business operations, (e) disease of an employee and his continued employment is prejudicial to himself or his co-employees, or (f) when an employee is illegally dismissed but reinstatement is no longer feasible. In Alfaro, the Court ruled as follows: “Generally, separation pay need not be paid to an employee who voluntarily resigns.


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