Pleasurebot sex talk


I feel a gentle buzzing as my system bursts into life, a stream of data passing through my system as my next duty is designated for me.

The headset locks into position and provides me with details on the name, desires, and preferences of my next client.

Oh, and before you ask, we are not informed of what the clients pay for a period of pleasure with us, we aren't told what the fee is, and of course we have no need, or reason to know it.

Finally the designation unit 'approves' my look and mindset and releases me, I coolly and calmly walk towards the room where I will meet 'Henry' for the first, and possibly only time.

A medium length, clingy dress awaits me, the same luscious red as my hair.

The last thing I see before the headset disconnects from my head is an image of the man, not so I can see if he is attractive or not, to me that factor is irrelevant, but simply so that my system locks onto him when I meet up with him shortly.

The shower over, I am released from the storage chamber in which I'm kept while off duty, and I head for the clothing area.

My full title is Pleasurebot 8, Design Model 11 which means I am a tall model (app.

5' 10" in height) with shoulder length red hair and large DD cup breasts.

Well it will certainly be the only time as Natasha that is for certain!

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