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Love letter to Melbourne ...---I avoided ANY QUESTIONS FOR BEN?

on its release as I simply didn't like the title and after watching a slew of uninteresting contemporary Australian comedies I decided to give the film a miss.

Personally, I loved the snappy dialogue, and although Ben had his flaws, he remained a lovable protagonist all the same.

His love interest Alex was portrayed fantastically by Rachael Taylor, and Ben's various friends and family reinforced his both his charm and downfalls.

I thoroughly believe this film is excellent, give it a chance.---I've never reviewed a film on here before, however I really feel compelled to write a review of this film.

It is difficult to try and decipher what it is the Working Dog team are trying to say with their film.

Maybe, although I'm thinking this is more my reading of the film as I seriously doubt they are clever enough to pull off cynicism with a lightness of touch.

The constant socialising at prominent Melbourne venues and festivals captured in fast paced montage as well as the deluge of aerial shots of the CBD certainly show off just how much the city of Melbourne has to offer - and what is shown of this beautiful southern city is not even half of what there is, especially as the film rarely wonders outside the space of the CBD to explore its rich cafe culture, theatre and arts - yet the constancy and excessiveness of shots of Melbourne seem like the film has been sponsored by a tourist information group.

Finally, the backdrop of Melbourne became the ultimate star of the movie with its romantic scenery and incredible events that add to the pace of the story.

Do yourself a favour - if it is a rainy night, snuggle up on the couch with a cup of peppermint tea and lose yourself in this romcom.

Admired and envied by his friends, Ben lives in the CBD with his two best mates and spends his nights and weekends socialising and hopping from one tryst to the next.

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