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The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not yet been identified.

Borderie suggests that Judicael Comte de Rennes was the grandson of Duke Gurwent, but he does not cite any primary source which supports his reasoning.

Regino records that "Pasquitano et Vurfando" killed "Salomon rex Brittonum" in 874, specifying that they divided the kingdom between them although Pascwethen received the larger share ([after 857]) --- of Brittany, daughter of ERISPO Duke of Brittany & his wife [Marmohec ---].

Her parentage is deduced from the Annales Mettenses which names "Judicheil ex filia Heriospoii regis natus" when recording that he ruled jointly with "Alanus frater Pasquitani".

Gisla" to Rollo who renounced his campaigns, that the king added "tota Britannia" and that ipsius provinci principibus Berengerio atque Alanno swore allegiance to Rollo.

He styled himself king in charters Her parentage and marriage are confirmed by the Annales Bertiniani which name "Paswithen gener Salamonis" when recording that he negotiated peace with Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks at Compigne in early Aug 867.Her marriage date is suggested on the assumption that she was the same daughter of Erispoe who was earlier betrothed to Louis, son of Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks (see above), but this is not certain.Gurwent & his wife had [two] children: (-killed in battle [1 Aug/8 Nov] 888). Regino records that "Iudicheil, ex filia Herispoii regis natus" ruled Brittany jointly with "Alanus frater Pasquitani" after the death of Pascwethen in 876, and his death in battle against the Vikings[daughter .He succeeded his father-in-law in 874 as joint Duke of Brittany, ruling jointly with Gurwent, son-in-law of Erispo.He sought Viking help against his co-ruler, but they were both deposed in 876 and succeeded by Pascwethen's brother Alain Comte de Vannes and Judical, Gurwent's son PROSTLON, daughter of SALOMON Duke of Brittany & his wife [Guenebret] --- (-before 8 Jan 876).It appears that, after the death of Alain, power in Brittany was shared between the counts of Poher (Alains son-in-law), Vannes (Alains possible eldest son) and Cornoualle, and that none of them was acknowledged as overall ruler.

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