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Stewart Walworth 397 Adams , Samuel Jedediah PA Harriet Hill Crawford 779 Adams , Sarepta NY Hugh Hubbard Fond du Lac 1851 Adamson, George Sr. Ronald Glenn Hitchler, Rt 3, Mormon Coulee, La Crosse WI 54601 790. Anne Kindhammer Holbrook, 434 Hull Court, Waukegan IL 6OO85 800. Lloyd Merritt Holliday, Rt 2, Gays Mills WI 54631 803. I re Johanna Guiennea Kenosha 3 Adamson, George Jr. Barrows Grant 1588 Adland, Knud 1829 Nor Fhebe Drought Racine 1033 Adland, Mens Knud Nor Ellen Thompson Knudsdtr Racine 1033 Adler, Dorothea Christina Ger Henry Mom sen Milwaukee 1833 Adney, Mary Ann WI Joseph H. 1792 VA Julia Fisher Crawford 1500 Adsitt, Eliza Aelen/Eile , Mary NY Amos D. Kopmeier Milwaukee 1034 Ahlborn , Mary Ger Jul 1923 August Thiele La Crosse 1182 Ahlswede , Ludwig 1817 Ger Johanah Ahrns Manitowoc 245 Ahrens, Carl Ger Katherine Bey La Crosse 2024 Ahms , Johanah Ger 13 May I899 Ludwig Ahlswede Manitowoc 245 Aiken, Thomas Paine 1797 NY Mary Blundell Iowa 628 Aiken, William IL Frances Brugger Iowa 628 Ainger, Elmina VT George W. , Oshkosh WI 54901 771* Elizabeth Fitzgerald Higgins, 2217 Chestnut Av. Isabelle Laubenheimer Higgins, 2201 Ellis St., Stevens Point WI 54481 773* Marion Larson Higgins, Rt 1, Clinton WI 53525 774. Bruce Arthur Hitman, 7483 Brooklyn Blvd., #4, Minneapolis MH 55443 791* Crystal Munroe Hjerstedt, 1212 Marquette Av. William Ralph Hole ton, 3508 Quadra St,, Vancouver V6S 1Z9, British Columbia, Canada 801.

As the Bicentennial year was then approaching, it was decided to make the publication of an index to this material a project of the Society in honor of that occasion. Harris, 1020 Memorial Dr,, Sturgeon Bay WI 54235 821. Reference is i made from Part I to Part II by means of the code number in the column labeled "Contact . 11 Example : (in Part i): Bell, Joseph Ger Susan Roden Outagamie 318 (in Part II): 318 Virginia Bell Collard, 409 Saratoga Dr. We often received from different applicants varying birth and death dates on their common ancestors. z,rr^izz;;z , sr - ii - Abbreviations Used The following abbreviations for countries used in Part I: in the Old World have been Al-Lor Alsace Lorraine Aus Austria Belg Belgium Boh Bohemia Can Canada Czech Czechoslovakia Den Denmark Eng England Fra France Ger Gemany Hung Hungary Ire Ireland Lux Luxemburg Seth Net he rlands Nor Norway Pol Poland Pom Pomerania Pru Prussia Sax Saxony Scot Scotland Swe Sweden Swtz Switzerland ■^6 following shortened forms of certain Wisconsin counties have been used in Part I, when space demanded: Br Brown La C La Crosse Rich Richland Buff Buffalo La F La Fayette St C St. Since the entire project was carried out by volunteers, it was felt we could check only the record cited as proof of settlement and could not get into the time-consuming process of authenticating dates or other details. the s P ellin g of all names as submitted by the applicants, opelling was an imprecise art in times part, but if varied spellings persisted into recent years, both versions of a name are shown: e.g Asselin/Aslan This spoiling pitfall led to a duplication, belated^ Sif ^ver Sf ‘Zt SSg Soer S^! Ius Jomdt is the same as Ludwig Joemdt; and Frederick Kluender “ % ff 6 as Karl French Da via Kluender. Croix Cal Calumet Manit Manitowoc Shaw Shawano Chip Chippewa Mara Marathon Sheb Sheboygan Col Columbia Marin Marinette Tremp Trempealeau Craw Crawford Marq Marquette Vem Vernon Fd L Fond du Lac Menom Menominee Walw Walworth Gm Green Milw Milwaukee Wash Washington Grn Lk Green Lake Ifon Monroe Wauk Waukesha Jack Jackson Ocon Oconto Waup Waupaca Jeff Jefferson Outa Outagamie Waus Waushara Jun Juneau Ozauk Ozaukee Winne Winnebago Ken Kenosha Port Portage Kew Kewaunee Rac Racine To the corps of dedicated volunteers who carried out the long process of authenticating the proof of settlement for each application, and who helped with typing and proofreading, our profound gratitude. Jillson Ken/Portage 1805 Adams, Joseph Clark /6 NY Sarah A. Hild, 2501 Nebel St., #809, Stevens Point WI 54481 777. E., Huron SD 57350 779- Edith Holton Hill, Rt 2, Box 257, Gays Mills WI 54631 780. June Dowling Hirsch, Rt 4, Box 48, River Falls WI 54022 788. Marcella Hanrahan Hoeft, 1325 Josephine St., Waukesha WI 53186 798.

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