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The Budget Brochure is updated annually to reflect the amounts budgeted for each fiscal year. A crime scene investigator, who specializes in photography, fingerprints, etc.To find the brochure for the appropriate year, go to the Finance page and select the correct fiscal year using the links on the left side of the page. A school resource officer who is assigned to the junior highs and high schools in the City.Iowa Sex Offender Registry A fire department key box must be installed in commercial or industrial buildings which have fire detection, fire alarm, or fire suppression systems. Members of the team are trained in various specialty weapons and tools to be used in high risk situations. If you do not have the yellow envelope, send the payment and citation to: Cedar Falls Parking Enforcement P. Box 652 Cedar Falls, IA 50613 There is also a payment box located inside the lobby of City Hall at 220 Clay Street and inside University Book & Supply at 1009 W. It should be filled out and emailed or sent to the Parks Office.A fire department key box is also required for residential property consisting of three (3) or more residential units. Keep in mind that there are restrictions related to the use of alcohol and amplified music.Keep in mind that we cannot address this matter until the grass or weeds reach 12” in height and it may take as long as three weeks to work through the required notification process.The Park Division will be interested in the size of your event so we can be prepared for any maintenance that must occur before or immediately following your event.This information can be located with a search at the Iowa Sex Offender Registry. The team also gets most of its calls on people that have barricaded themselves, and possibly innocent bystanders, with a threat of bodily harm.If the desired information is not located online, a person can fill out a request for registry information at their local Sheriff’s Office. team is utilized whenever an incident requires the use of specialized personnel, equipment, or training. Payment and citation may be mailed in the yellow envelope provided with the citation. You can find the park reservation form on this site.

If there is no more follow-up that can be done the case is closed inactive with no investigator assigned.Victims of sexual assaults can do several things that will aid police officers in the investigation of the victim’s case.Though it is sometimes very hard and embarrassing, one of the best things a victim can do is report the sexual assault immediately.You need to contact a licensed land survey to obtain a survey for private property. Currently Cedar Falls has the following officers assigned to the Investigative Unit.Information on estimating your own property tax bill can be found in the City's Budget Brochure. They are more likely apt to be called out to assist the M. Two general investigators that work follow up on crimes.Taking these steps can ensure that physical evidence is not lost before a sexual assault evidence collection exam is complete.

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