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I bent down, pressing my hands in the soft mulch on either side of the fungus, and let the air out of my lungs.Then I pushed my face next to its orange stalk and breathed in as deeply as I could.Wikipedia somehow had the number of test subjects — 16 women and 20 men — but no indication where those numbers came from.

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” I asked, trying to nail down a specific location. As the story goes, one day, Holliday needed an x-ray, and ended up politely chit-chatting with the x-ray technician in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai‘i. ’, and I said ‘I am a mushroom scientist’, and she went, ‘I have to ask you: my mother and I like to go out and sniff mushrooms. '” She was reluctant to explain why she and her mother did this, but eventually, she admitted to Holliday that she got a kind of euphoric effect from the smell.It wasn’t likely that such a legend would have been kept secret, she noted. There are many sexual innuendos in things like ‘ōlelo no‘eau and mele (wise sayings and poems and music).We have a good one about crabs.” I asked if she’d be willing to ask around just in case, and she did. “Not in my usual channels of ‘ike at least.” [‘ike=knowledge] I was going to have to dig a little deeper to find the answers I was looking for, so I kept digging.The IFLS post had gone viral with hundreds of thousands of social media shares and who knows how many views.It seemed as if every media outlet in the country, perhaps in the world, wanted to talk to Holliday about mushrooms and orgasms.“It did not sound real but worth looking into,” Holliday told me. I took photographs of it, and I posted photographs all around that area, and I put a reward out for this.

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