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A similar 30 percent-or-over policy exists for Facebook Groups, according to the document.In a similar vein, another hate speech document says that a profile should be taken down if there are 5 or more pieces of content from the user which indicate hate propaganda, photos of the user present with another identifiable leader, or other related violations.Facebook has repeatedly referenced to lawmakers a "threshold" that must be reached before the platform decides to ban a particular page for violating the site's policies, but it hasn't discussed its guidelines publicly.Motherboard has obtained internal Facebook documents laying out what this threshold is for multiple types of different content, including some instances of hate speech.Get them to the content they need when they need it.

Short, focused and fun learning should become the focus of all learning professionals going forward.Microlearning continues to be the hottest buzzword in our industry.I hate buzzwords, because it means the usage of a term is spreading faster then it’s understanding.[...] Another document focused on sexual content says moderators should unpublish Pages and Groups under the basis of sexual solicitation if there are over 2 "elements," such as the Page description, title, photo, or pinned post, that include either explicit solicitation of nude imagery, or, if the page is more subtle, includes either a method of contact or a location.This slide again reiterates the over 30 percent and 5 admin posts rules found in the hate speech document.Although the documents obtained by Motherboard were created recently, Facebook's policies change regularly, so whether these exact parameters remain in force is unclear.

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