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Bishop Urban of Llandaff, was appointed to the position by the Normans, became the first bishop of a Welsh diocese to profess obedience to the Archbishop of Canterbury.1126Bishop Urban and Robert the Consul signed an agreement on settling disputes between them and the first record of a mayor of Cardiff, Ralph, dates from this year.

Ralph is described as Prepositus de Kardi, Prevost of Cardiff.

Individual references have been added where possible, but with missing or conflicting sources of information gathered over a decade ago, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to provide a reference for every entry.

As v1 of Cardiffians is put to bed, and v2 continues to mature, these references will continue to build.

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43 AD ⁄ CEThe Roman general, Didius Gallus, was amongst the invasion force that finally managed to overcome the Welsh tribes in South Wales.

Hugh Despenser had married Eleanor whose brother Gilbert de Clare - son of 'the Red Earl' - had been killed at the battle of Bannockburn in Scotland in 1314.1331About this year, the Town Hall was built in High Street for the administration of the borough and it was also used as Cardiff's first market hall.

It continued in use for some 400 years and included a court room with a gaol beneath it and about this time the leper hospital of St Mary Magdalen was founded outside the town's East Gate.1404Owain Glyndŵr's troops attacked Cardiff again, capturing the castle and inflicted great damage on the town.

Many of the roads we drive on today, closely follow the original Roman trade routes (namely the A48 that runs from Gloucester to Carmarthen via Newport, Cardiff, Bridgend and Neath and the A470 which runs from Cardiff to Llandudno) 45 - 300 AD ⁄ CEThe era of peace led to the fort being reduced in size, however during the 3rd Century, Irish raiders were beginning to make frequent hits on South Wales.

The fort was rebuilt and strengthened to help repel the attacks.

445 AD ⁄ CE Apart from the first written reference of Cardiff in the Annates Cambriae (The Welsh Annals) there is not much mention of Cardiff between now and the 1st millennium, although we do know that the Romans started losing their grasp on Britain when they were overrun by Barbarians.

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