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He hopes his images spark discussion about the human dimension of growing old in prison, as well as to help the next generation learn the consequences of crime.

She sent for her sister and she came to Las Vegas to be with her. The series explores the socio-economic causes of crime and delinquency.

My doctor talked to a specialist and they hope that I can get out…a pardon or a parole…and I’m hoping that I’ll make it out of here. I just take care of myself the best that I can.” * * * “The [sentence] I’m serving now is for murder; it’s my second murder conviction. I just have to seek him and he will take me wherever I want to go.

I have children, but the last I’ve heard from them was in 2005. And I know that God is very merciful and powerful, that there’s nothing that Jesus Christ cannot do. I was twice refused conditional release.” * * * “Well, I got 50 years.

Every time he goes to the parole board, the surviving sister in her wheelchair comes up and petitions the parole board not to give him a parole.

Vehicular manslaughter or drunk driving — he should have got three or four years. Five or ten on this one, three to four on that one.

Castle Hotel & Spa is a romantic spa getaway from New York City.

The hotel has a 8,700 square-foot THANN Sanctuary Spa and romantic accommodations with four poster beds, fireplaces, turret alcoves and Hudson Valley/Manhattan Skyline views.

You can say that I ruined my life.” * * * “I’m an alcoholic, my husband is an alcoholic and we fight all the time. We were struggling with the civil rights thing, and Dr. When I went through the change, I basically hid out for a few years. I wish they would [let us out] because we aren’t the same people as we were when we first came here, No matter who we are, whether you’re incarcerated or on the street, tou’re not the same person you were as a juvenile, a teenager. And it’s taking away directly from the education system in our state. ” * * * “I was a soloist at churches for a number of years. I worked for union affairs as a supervisor in Central Ontario. Cells you wouldn’t put dogs into for longer than a day. I thought to myself” ‘I’ll go back, it’s not that bad.’ That’s exactly why I wanted that job as a janitor. All they do is just get you and bring you back, and that’s all. The satirical part is that I get ostracized by society and then by my family and I guess, in retrospect, I should have probably sought the post-gender surgery counseling to deal with these issues.” * * * “State of Louisiana? I know most of the circumstances, that he had been drinking a little too much that night and on his way home, he ran into this young lady that hit the lottery. One had hit the lottery in Las Vegas, some million. One of the sisters succumbed to the injuries of the crash. This is not the guy who was convicted of that crime. He’s the big brother I never had.” Ron Levine’s “Prisoners of Age” was on view on Alcatraz Island, in the San Francisco Bay, through December 2015.

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