Sunye dating


Sunye was the first ever Wonder Girl to be revealed to the public in 2006.She met her Korean-Canadian husband James Park during a missionary trip in Haiti. Sunye gave birth to her first daughter, Eun-yoo (Hailey) in October 2013 and to her second daughter Ha-jin (Elisha) in April 2016.Today, a netizen named “Balkiragoong” posted up an image featuring Sun Ye and Tae Hwan – and more specifically, focusing on their hands adorned with a similar ring.Swimmer Tae Hwan is shown at a fan event right before the last year’s October National Games, while Sunye was captured from a recent “Welcome to Wonderland” episode.

In 2013 he got married to Heo Yang-im, a professor of family medicine and a Doctor.Two years after they welcomed their first daughter into the family. Rain married long-time girlfriend Kim Tae-hee in 2017. Dongho was one of the original members of boy group U-KISS until he decided to leave the group and ultimately the entertainment industry in 2013.He got married two years later in 2015, at 21, to his non-celebrity wife who is one year older.Both admitted dating relationship after 3 years, after dating for 5 years, finally they both got married.

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