Taylor lautner and kherington payne dating


The girls started flirting with Cruz and the boys looked annoyed. Is this guy your boyfriend" The tall blonde asked in a cute accent. "Yeah no problem we'll have a great evening." Josiah said trying to get his sister and her friends to stop talking to Cruz. Goodbye." "Goodbye." All five of them said at once and walked away. When Aspen suddenly stopped and just sat down on a near by bench. "Really I'm a super sensitive girl who has a really hard time so I surround myself by guys because it makes me feel wanted.

"No he's just a friend that I met earlier." "Oh cool we'll this is my friend Dalton and I'm Josiah." "Nice to meet you I'm Aspen." I said shaking their hands "Aspen? I decided to go and sit next to her and ask her what's wrong. My dad died and my mom is always gone then the girls at my school always make fun of me for playing football.

Earlier in the day, Zac tended to his fantastic physique with a trip to the gym. star Zac Efron, 21, recently moved in to his new home in the Hollywood hills and he says Vanessa wasted no time in telling him how he should decorate his new pad and gave him hints on interior design. “She’s got a great sense of style anyway so that’s great for me.” Hudgens, 20, recently revealed that she carries around a stun gun wherever she goes. “I’m moving into a house by myself, and it’s scary.” ” hunk hopped out of a chauffeured SUV, joining his father, David, and brother, Dylan, to see the “Rock of Ages” Broadway musical at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre in Times Square.

Aside from family theater time, Efron has been promoting his soon-to-be-released movie “17 Again,” which hits theaters this Friday (April 13).

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was spotted staying busy out and about all over Los Angeles. Diane Lane watches what she eats and uses Portion Control. Find out what this 5 foot 6 inch actress does to look so good, below.Being with you made me feel like I could express myself a little more.Even with Ryder I can't because I've known him so long that I feel like he can easily just make fun of me." She finished talking and I just looked at her for a while then kissed the too of her head. It's okay, you can express yourself anyway you want around me and I won't judge you.I dazed off for a bit when her phone rang and she jerked up and answered it. I think you met him already." "Yeah he's you're boyfriend is what he told me." I said trying not to show my disappointment. Broke up with him this morning when he told me he was cheating on me." "Oh yeah you told me about him. "Hi Dallas, Ryan, Joshua and Tyson." I said just smiling.

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