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Tony arrives moments later and tells the whole story and asks her forgiveness before he turns himself in to the police.

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After the two exchange stories about Chino and Tony, Schrank arrives to question Maria about the flare-up at the dance, so Maria fakes a headache and asks Anita go to Doc's for her to "get medicine"; knowing Maria's real meaning, she agrees and leaves, while Maria covers for Tony by lying to Schrank.She also complains that she has no interest in Chino, a young Puerto Rican man Bernardo brought to the U. Tony arrives and he and Maria fall in love at first sight.Just as they share their first kiss, Bernardo pushes Tony away and sends Maria home ("Maria"), and then Riff parlays with Bernardo about setting up a war council.Tony quietly meets Maria on her fire escape, where they reaffirm their love ("Tonight").At Doc's, the gangs have their war council and both sides agree to a best man one-on-one fair fight under the highway.Schrank, Krupke, and Doc arrive as Jets and Sharks join to carry Tony's body away, forming a funeral procession with Maria following. Veteran director Robert Wise was chosen to direct and produce because of his experience with urban New York dramas such as Odds Against Tomorrow (1959).

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