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Apogee The point in an elliptical satellite orbit which is farthest from the surface of the earth.

Geosynchronous satellites which maintain circular orbits around the earth are first launched into highly elliptical orbits with apogees of 22,237 miles.

Apstar (Asia-Pacific Star)Name of the Chinese satellite system which carries commercial video services in the region.

Arabsat This is the Arabsat Satellite Organization and its is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

An analog signal is responsive to changes in light, sound, heat and pressure.

Not 100% effective but worth a try if you have a looped card.Access Card The plastic card that comes with dish network & bell expressvu receivers that stores subscription information. Access cards may be ROM 2, 3, 10, 11, 101, 102, ect.Activation When you purchase a new receiver and subscribe to a Dish Network & Bell Expressvu package, they will send a signal from the satellite to the receiver and access card.Data sent from the Smart Card to the receiver or programmer that contains information necessary for proper communication with the Smart Card.If you read a card and receive an error message "Invalid ATR" This means your card is looped.AZ/EL Mount Antenna mount that requires two separate adjustments to move from one satellite to another; Azimuth The angle of rotation (horizontal) that a ground based parabolic antenna must be rotated through to point to a specific satellite in a geosynchronous orbit.

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