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And God forbid you leave anything out, because your girlfriend has an intelligence network that would make the Stasi proud. She’s been cheated on before, so it’s very hard for her to trust anyone. And honestly, there aren’t any secrets in a good relationship, are there? Even in this day and age, men in American culture are still often seen as sexual beasts who are ruled by their libidos while women are more emotionally driven and have to reign in their men’s out-of-control desires.

Once again, this is a trap that geeks can find themselves falling into easily; geeks have a tendency towards White Knight Syndrome and want to do everything they can to “save” their girl from herself and will bend over backwards to reassure her that no, no, everything’s just fine, you can trust me I’m one of the together. Any man who complains about his sex life – whether it’s the frequency or a partner’s unwillingness to indulge him in a fantasy or kink or about being cut off entirely – is a boor and an asshole who doesn’t understand that relationships are about part of it is clearly in the wrong.

And maybe you’re walking around on eggshells now because she may not get mad and yell a lot but she’s got a way of making you feel like you’ve just run over a bunch of kittens. did you make a mistake when you decided to date her It’s a mistake to think that relationships are always going to be nothing but rainbows and cotton candy unicorn farts.

They’re hard work and any long-term relationship is going to have it’s ups and downs. You may not be the life of the party, but damned if you’re not getting out there and shaking things down with your buddies, cheering at the game or just having fun clowning around…

Your every interaction on Facebook is scrutinized like the Zapruder film and you’d better have a damn good reason to explain why hat cute girl you went to high school with just sent you a friend request. In her eyes, it’s disgusting and degrading and no man in her life would is tantamount to cheating.This can lead to them dating women who are perfectly happy to walk all over them as though they had “Welcome” tattooed on their backs.Keep in mind: getting your way sometimes the same as being selfish or controlling.Dating her is like constantly tip-toeing through a minefield, knowing that any wrong move will cause another explosion.You are never sure what’s going to set her off or how she’s going to react.However, relationships require balance in your interests and interests.

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