Updating a hyperlink in iweb


We hope these instructions have helped you to set up an embedded live video stream from an IP security camera on your web page.If you need additional help or want advice on an IP camera surveillance system that's right for you,please call us at 888-849-2288 today.Install the Installation Wizard from the CD to you computer, connect the camera to your network switch or router with CAT5 cable, connect the power adapter and plug it in. using proper Internet Protocol naming conventions9. Please refer to the following page to setup port forwarding.Then run the Installation Wizard from the shortcut created on your desktop. If you have a router that is not on the below page, you must consult the manual for your particular model router for port forwarding.Usually you do not need to create this folder, it will already exist.If you used i Web to create your website, be sure that you uploaded the contents of the folder where you published your website, but not the folder itself.First, you may be trying to upload your files to the wrong folder on the server, and you do not have permission to upload files to that folder because it's not the proper location to put files.Double-check the instructions from your web hosting provider to make sure you're uploading to the correct folder for website files.

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Do not rename your files in the Finder; this will break all your links.

Solving problems with websites and i Web Using the suggestions below, you can solve some of the most common problems you may have uploading your website; if they don't help, contact Fetch support for further assistance.

You should contact the company or person that runs the server to which you are trying to connect, and verify the hostname, username, and password you should use.

See the advice above for My website doesn't show up at all.

Second, if you are using i Web, the problem may be that some of the files and folders created by i Web have spaces in their names, and some web servers do not allow spaces in the names of files or folders.

CCTV Camera Pros published an updated way to embed live video from an IP camera to your website here. Click "Link to selected device(s)" at bottom right of the setup screen (not pictured).

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