Updating x font indexes


A bug was fixed in which if you use a "plot" array with multiple calls to gsn_panel, and each set of paneled plots has a different common labelbar, then you wouldn't get the correct labelbar for the second plot. A modification has since been applied [version 5.2.0] to accurately compute all density surfaces (depth dim_avg_n, dim_avg_wgt_n, dim_cumsum_n, dim_max_n, dim_median_n, dim_min_n, dim_num_n, dim_pqsort_n, dim_product_n, dim_rmsd_n, dim_rmvmean_n, dim_rmvmed_n, dim_standardize_n, dim_stat4_n, dim_stddev_n, dim_sum_n, dim_sum_wgt_n, dim_variance_n, dim_avg_n_Wrap, dim_avg_wgt_n_Wrap, dim_cumsum_n_Wrap, dim_rmsd_n_Wrap, dim_rmvmean_n_Wrap, dim_rmvmed_n_Wrap, dim_rmvmed_Wrap, dim_standardize_n_Wrap, dim_stddev_n_Wrap, dim_sum_n_Wrap, dim_sum_wgt_n_Wrap, dim_variance_n_Wrap This suite of functions is an upgrade to the existing dim_xxxx functions which operate only on the rightmost dimension.

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You can import the release manager public keys by either downloading the public key file from here and then running On the version-specific download pages, you should see a link to both the downloadable file and a detached signature file.

However, centers such as ECMWF sometimes provide tables that have are have no short names for some or all the parameters in the table.

Formerly, the NCL developers made up suitable short names, but this practice has been discontinued.

As a result, we provide OPe NDAP-enabled binaries for all systems we support.

There may be some dependencies on shared libraries like "libcurl", "libcrypto.so", "libidn.so", and "libssl.so". If you run into a problem with shared libraries when running "ncl", then either download a non-OPe NDAP enabled binary, or see these Linux or Cygwin notes.

In this release the REST API is disabled by default (expect for calls from within the web UI using cookie authentication) – see #22598 for more details.

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