Validating a form in dreamweaver Facebooksexchat

We'll add validation to make both fields required fields (so they can't be left empty).We'll also add an Email text field, and we'll add validation to make it a required field and to specify that the data in the field be in a format that is valid for an e-mail addressthat is, it must include an "at" (@) symbol.Or, an e-mail address without an “@” symbol.Or, an e-mail address with no “.” (dot) in it.Use a button to submit form data to the server or to reset the form.

Depending on the validation type, different required fields will show up to complete the validation setup process.If you use Cold Fusion, you can also add Cold Fusion-specific form controls to your forms. The text can be displayed as a single line, multiple lines, and as a password field where entered text is replaced by asterisks or bullets to hide the text from onlookers.Passwords and other information sent to a server using a password field are not encrypted.For example, the button might calculate the total cost of items selected based on assigned values.Allow multiple responses within a single group of options. The following example shows three check box items selected: Surfing, Mountain Biking, and Rafting. Selecting a button within a radio button group deselects all others in the group (a group consists of two or more buttons that share the same name).Try “breaking the rules” you defined to test your validation scripts.

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