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More » Jump into hundreds of unique worlds in Active Worlds, and immerse yourself in games, shopping, and hanging out with others.

This virtual world game is a sandbox where you can build whatever you want, but lots of places are included for you to explore.

More » Unlike some virtual world games, every single avatar in Twinity is a real person.

This means that each person you meet in the game is a real individual that you can become friends with regardless of where they live.

The primary world you're in when playing IMVU is a small room with a handful of chairs.

This is where you wait for other users to join in so you can chat (over text) with them.

More » In Worldz is the perfect virtual world game to download if you like to truly create and change your world.However, In Worldz Plus is available for a monthly cost if you want some additional features.More » Play, shop, explore, and talk in the online 3D game called There.There's also a "Get Matched" area of IMVU where you can match up with other users, much like an online dating account.Unlike some virtual world games, this one is a point-and-click style game, meaning that you click where you want to move or sit, and interact with all items using the mouse.You can set your status as available or make it so that only friends or adults can chat with you.

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