Vista crashes while updating hp


The result is a process that can fairly be characterized as tedious.Laplink Software’s PCmover steps into the gap, promising to move programs and data and settings.There are no other costs associated with this upgrade. Next: Deciding which upgrade path to follow -- Copying all that data took literally a few minutes.

After all was said and done, this system was able to start up and get to a workable desktop, with a working internet connection and a web browser fully loaded, in under two minutes flat (35 seconds of that, by the way, is the Sony hardware starting up).

The Add or Remove Programs dialog contained 111 separate entries.

Here's a small sample: Not surprisingly, performance on this machine with Windows XP was somewhere between abysmal and unbelievably awful.

It flagged the Toshiba Bluetooth stack as incompatible and alerted me to a couple other hardware components that might need updating, but gave the all-clear: With that reassurance, I next looked at cost.

I have a pre-ordered copy of Windows 7 Home Premium due to arrive on October 22.

The ancient photo-editing program Picture Publisher 10 worked, surprisingly, although it threw up a UAC prompt with every start.

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