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This page has been extremely popular and I want to thank all the generous readers who have helped added to this list.

This list of restaurants that give you free meals on your birthday is always changing so be sure to double check with your local restaurant before.

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This is a compiled list of restaurants that give you a free birthday meal, no restaurant coupons should be necessary.

The controlling behavior of an AP was also shown to increase feelings of anger and guilt in the PA participants.If you would like to add a restaurant please comment, also if you find out if a restaurant does not honor any of these promotions please let me know. Now there is no excuse not taking someone out for a birthday meal.Again, no restaurant coupons are needed for these free birthday meals and double check with your local restaurant to make sure the are participating “Happy Birthday” and enjoy the food my people.You also receive buy one get one free offers during you membership anniversary.Denny’s – Free Meal (Not all restaurants) – I called them in CA they said they don’t do this anymore.Denny’s is giving a free original grand slam on your birthday–I read about it on the website.

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