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The other explanation refers it to " marriage by capture," when a fight at the bride's house was part of the proceedings, and shoes might be thrown in anger when nothing else came handy.

The ceremony of lifting a bride over the doorstep is of ancient date.

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Throwing old shoes after the bride and bridegroom on their going away is possibly anothe relic of the same kind ; but there are two interpretations of this custom.

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WE have reserved our account of the customs of our country to the end, in order that the reader may be in a better position to understand the origin and meaning of those observances which have been handed down from a more or less remote antiquity.

There is something to be said for this view ; but the writer prefers an explanation mentioned in Brand's " Popular Antiquities of Great Britain " (1849, vol. We can well imagine that in some countries it was the custom for brides to stand there a long time, until at last the impatient bridegrooms could wait no longer, and put an end to the delay by lifting up their brides and carrying them over.

The bride-cake, still cut by the bride's own hand, is one of the most interesting relics embedded in the strange mosaic of our present marriage customs.

The Romans had this custom, and it may still be traced in widely distant lands, among the Red Skins of Canada, the Chinese, the Abyssinians, and also in Europe.

Its origin is some-what obscure ; most writers, apparently, consider it as merely a necessary incident in marriage by capture." Another suggestion, already mentioned, is that the bridegroom took up the bride in his arms when they arrived at his house, and lifted her over the doorstep lest she should be so unlucky as to stumble, which would be a bad omen for her future happiness. 114), where evidence is adduced to show that in old days a Roman bride was expected to manifest the greatest reluctance to step over the door of her husband's house, because to appear to do so willingly would have shown a want of true maidenly modesty (compare Arabia, Persia).

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