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I remember venturing to visit the Weatherby factory when it was located in South Gate, CA.

Which exact model it is(multiple look alike) and when made. per serial number, ( for Custom Rifles, 0 for Special Edition or Commemorative rifles).The 24" inch barrel has an excellent bright bore, with sharp lands and grooves in the rifling and no pitting or erosion visible whatsoever.The original factory stock is in great shape overall, and the original gloss finish is still fully intact without cracking/spider cracks.He decided to go to Europe in 1957 in order to find a new supplier, and ended up contracting with J. With this contract in place Weatherby became the first commercial manufacturer to offer hammer forged barrels in the U. These early Weatherby Mark V's have become classic icons in the American big game rifle segment.The Mark V proved itself an attractive yet tough rifle that was accurate, reliable, and powerful.If you could send me some pics and more info I could help you figure it out as I have alot of info now on Weatherby's from tha era.

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