What episode of glee did rachel and finn start dating

Okay, so in the future, Finn may want to work on his timing, as the judges didn’t seem too impressed, but this was still a squeal-worthy gesture, if you ask us.

Season 3 has yet to see any troubling signs, with the two of them finally doing the deed (Season 3, Episode 5: “The First Time”).

The two get into a shoving match, and Finn is the first to throw a punch (though Jesse ducked before it could hit him.) Sue spies them and kicks them out, ruining Quinn's chances for prom queen.

After the winners are announced (Kurt and Karofsky) she later says to Rachel in the bathroom that the reason she didn't win prom queen was because everyone knew that Finn was still in love with Rachel, and would rather be with her.

After she and Jesse break up in Funk, Rachel is single, and she and Finn begin to date in Journey.

He returned these feelings, but was unable to date her to do his pregnant girlfriend, Quinn (however, he is not the father like he thinks he is; the real father is his best friend, Puck.) Rachel tries to pursue Finn many times, and fails. Unfortunately, Finn had just realized how much he truly loved Rachel, and tries to get her back.Later, Jesse becomes a show choir consultant for New Directions, irking Finn.He is seen to b e extremely judgemental, and immediately puts Finn down for both his singing and dancing skills.Then, Rachel has a retaliatory hook-up with Puck (Mark Salling), leading Finn to break his promise to never end things with Rachel. )Finn starts hooking up with Quinn again, but he just can’t shake his feelings for Rachel.And so, after their oh-so-cute New York date (in which Patti Lu Pone gives her approval), Finn puckers up and kisses Rachel for all to see onstage at Nationals.seems to change more often than Katy Perry’s hair color.

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