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However, Deferreds aren't Promise/A compliant, which makes them subtly different and less useful, so beware.j Query also has a Promise type, but this is just a subset of Deferred and has the same issues.Learn more about how to make your contribution today!during a secure, happy, and prosperous time of my life, and for the most part, the book reflected that.Get an overview of EIU by visiting EIU at a Glance.EIU provides all students opportunities to enhance their educational experience through collaborative research opportunities with its talented faculty.Although promise implementations follow a standardized behaviour, their overall APIs differ. Here's how you create a promise: The promise constructor takes one argument, a callback with two parameters, resolve and reject.

While they don’t deal with divorce and unemployment, they deal with their own versions of their worlds burning down around them. And there’s a new character, Shevia, who’s centrally featured on the cover, who coalesced into existence during those inevitable days where I wanted to scream and smash and cry.

In 2015 Eastern was one of just 29 public universities recognized by the Council on Undergraduate Research for exceptionally high participation in its annual national conference.

EIU is proud to be recognized as an undergraduate research leader by this prestigious national organization.

At Eastern Illinois University, we are proud to offer a full slate of NCAA Division I athletics opportunities.

Our football program is consistently successful at the Football Championship Subdivision level and has produced a number of highly recognizable NFL names; that and the rest of our programs have made us a long-standing, vital member of the Ohio Valley Conference (or Summit League for a handful of sports).

That's pretty annoying, especially when you're driving and trying to hold a conversation. You've probably used events and callbacks to get around this. We get the image, add a couple of listeners, then Java Script can stop executing until one of those listeners is called.

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