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I put guys in the game based upon our personnel groupings.”Johnson, the Browns third-round pick out of Miami, had one touch in the second half of the 34-20 loss to the Cardinals game despite the Browns being up 20-10 at the half.

The next game, the 31-10 loss to the Bengals, Johnson didn’t touch the ball at all in the second half despite the Browns trailing only 14-10 at the half and 17-10 in the third.

But this team ultimately needs to turn more games into wins. Well, it starts with creating an environment of accountability and toughness combined with talent and execution.

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While turf toe can be a pretty rough injury it seems, he had been sidelined for longer than many expected. I tore a little piece on the outside and in the middle."We did the MRI and everything and decided it wasn't something we needed surgery on," Hester said.Both Flowers and Collins have been starters for the Giants since Week 1, and both, despite some visible mistakes at inopportune times, have played well in their respective positions; Flowers, in his protection of Eli Manning’s blindside and Collins in his athletic play against the pass on a team that leads the NFL in takeaways.Collins leads the team with 44 total tackles and 61 combined tackles and has one interception.The Jaguars can't lose three consecutive games to teams like the Colts, Bucs and Texans, as they did earlier this season.Sure, they also have wins against the Dolphins and Bills.Browns running back coach Wilbert Montgomery, who’s coached the likes of Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk, was at a loss Tuesday to explain the disappearance of Duke Johnson in the second half of games.“I can’t,” he said.

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