Who is saleisha stowers dating

Two other contestants named Brittany (or some variation) also competed in Cycle 11, so Sullivan and Brittney Brown changed their names for the show.

Sullivan chose "Mc Key" since her mother was considering naming her Mc Kenzie when she was born and since it was her penname in high school.

Judging panel changes: This cycle was Judgepocalypse Now. In this way, the cycle's worst villain was Tyra herself: a producer who lost vision of what her own show should be, taking out friends and angering fans in the process.

Winner: Nicole Fox Favorite Model: Erin Wagner Cycle Villain: Erin Wagner Judging panel changes: Tyra, J.

Winner: Laura James Favorite Model: Nastasia Scott Cycle Villain: Let's come back to this one in a second. The social media component was also weak and served little purpose.She also appeared on the September 2009 issue of Marie Claire modelling Oroton, Fendi and Miu Miu handbags and purses. In 2005, Sullivan met her husband, Sam Alvey, a mixed martial artist, at the Bristol Renaissance Faire where he was working.Sullivan was featured on the Cover Fall 2009 cover and interior fashion spread of Vogue Knitting magazine. During her go-see challenge in Amsterdam, she was booked by all of the four designers that she met, although she was disqualified from the challenge when she returned to the agency outside of the time limit. She became the second winner to never have a bottom two appearance, with Jaslene Gonzalez being the first.This record was succeeded by Nicole Fox, Krista White, Sophie Sumner, Jourdan Miller and India Gants.Adrianne, now 32, is extremely active on social media and makes regular appearances at comic conventions — not as a celebrity guest, but as a cosplaying fan.

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