Wives dating

This party is literally going to be the BEST thing since sliced bread!!There will be fun and inspiring Facebook Lives, there will be ALL sorts of giveaways, and there will be fun interactive games! Because we LOVE ya and wanted to spoil you, we’ve reached out to some of our FAVORITE companies and have lined up some pretty stellar giveaways.I can’t say too much, but I will let ya know that I’m SUUUUUPER bummed I can’t win.To find love, a man has to keep an image of an ideal woman in his head, and one day he will certainly meet her.Very often a man is desperate to find a beautiful yet modest girl, who will make his house a home and make his life cozy and full of happiness.

Think of it as a community of fun loving ladies with live interaction, challenges, endless support, games, and more (we don’t wanna give away all our tricks just yet)! I just KNOW your beautiful face is over there raising your hand and that makes you one smart lady!!Run over to For Better & Forever and join before May 24th so you won’t miss out on this party of epic proportions!!You’re gonna be spoiled, you’re gonna be inspired, AND you’re gonna find your new go-to spot for all things marriage!!That’s right, this group and the THOUSANDS of wives in it have been knockin’ our socks off for almost a year with all of their marriage inspiring goodness.Don’t forget to RSVP below to let me know you’ll be there!!

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