Woman dating the shivers


Every successful first date is filled with new stories and information that give you a keyhole to peek inside the lifestyle and mindset of the guy you’re with.Think of each little bit of information as a “peg” that you can hang a future date or experience on.There is no need to invite him over for a second date and come to the door covered in whipped cream.That physical part of the attraction is a done deal. Usually they are women or girls with a political leftist ideology or with an anticonformist vision of life ( sometime they are involved with pro immigration ONGs or antifa activities ).

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Then there is the group of women intrigued by the myth “ when you go black, you don’ t go back “ and the plethora of sexual stereotipes about blacks.

Use your power well, and you will be able to prolong the tingles, quivers, shivers and magic of that first date through several more encounters before you decide if he is worthy of the ultimate reward.

It’s just that simple: Give that important second date context and meaning in terms of his life and likes, add something of significance to yourself that will let him see things in you beyond the physical dimension, and keep him tingling with anticipation before you allow him to tremble with delight.

Anything you can do to get him on your turf or into your world of dreams and schemes will make you a more three-dimensional woman.

Men fall in love when a woman becomes incorporated into their lives and when they cross over into her world, too.

Remember the tingle theory: Any part of him that has never been touched by you personally, and any part of you he has not yet touched, is magical and will give him a rewarding response.

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